Viomicia 11 CM Large Size 12Pcs 4 Colour Suction Cup Dart Silicone Sucker Soft Darts Kids Sticky Toys Indoor Outdoor Sports Throwing Games

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  • 【Product Material】: Made of high-quality silicone material, it is super soft and not easy to deform, and will not cause any harm to people and pets. And it can be reused. When its surface is covered with dust, just wash them with water and they will return to their original state, Does not affect the gaming experience.
  • 【Our Strengths】: Our sucker darts are about 11cm in size and have a strong sticking force. You can play with your children, family, friends or colleagues as a team. It's also a stress-relief toy when you're in a bad mood, with a melodious explosion of sound when you slam it on any surface.Add more fun for us.
  • 【How to play?】 : A set of darts is suitable for two people to play, each with 5 darts to compete. First, attach an red target to a glass door or floor (anywhere smooth), then two players aim and throw darts. In the end, the two contestants were scored according to the rule that the closer they were to the target, the closer they were, and the farther they were, the lower they were.
  • 【 Packing List 】: The packing consists of 10 colorful sucker darts and one red target. You can play this game with your friends and children in two groups. It can be used indoors or outdoors. It gives us fun while also building our arm strength and enthusiasm!
  • 【Suitable for many occasions】 : Can be used as a gift for children! Suction cup darts can be used on any smooth surface, such as smooth countertops, refrigerators, Windows, car windshields, glass doors, etc. It can be carried around and can be used for an enjoyable game of darts anytime, anywhere!

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Customer Reviews

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Mia Fisher
Fun Soft Sucker Darts!

This is not your average kid's toy, and in fact, it was probably the most fun I have had playing with the Kids for a long time! They are very versatile, have very good suction power, and are very hard-wearing, so can be used over and over again without the risk of damaging them.

Georgina Swift
Brings out the child in you

A delightful afternoon spent indoors, dart in hand, aiming for the red target. The silicone texture of the darts feels soft and malleable. Between throws, I found it a bit therapeutic squeezing them. And when dust landed on them? A simple rinse made them good to go. My mates and I competed, each trying to outdo the other, and the laughter echoed. With windows and smooth surfaces, there’s no shortage of places to aim. Fun and refreshing.

George Lynch
Very good suction cup

Funny game, works very well.

Adam Faulkner
Great fun for both my son and during a gaming night.

Fantastic little toy that can provide hours of entertainment. My son enjoys chucking them at our tiled floor and doors, as well as building ropes out of them.

Matthew Bryant

A few months after the purchase, we still use it. Suitable for all ages. Nice entertainment