Viomicia 2.4G Double Sided Remote Control Stunt Tumbling Hobby Car 4WD Stunt RC Car with Light

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  • 2.4G Double-Sided Remote Control: The Viomicia 2.4G Stunt Tumbling Hobby Car comes with a powerful remote control that operates on a 2.4G frequency, allowing for smooth and precise control over the car's movements. This ensures minimal interference and a longer control range.

  • Stunt Tumbling Capabilities: The car is equipped with a 4WD system and double-sided driving capabilities, enabling it to perform amazing stunts and flips. It can easily roll over and drive upside down, providing endless excitement and entertainment for hobbyists and enthusiasts.

  • Bright LED Lights: The Viomicia Stunt RC Car features vibrant LED lights on both sides, making it visually appealing and enhancing its visibility during low-light conditions or night-time play. The lights add a cool aesthetic touch to the car's overall design.

  • Durable and High-Quality Construction: Built to withstand rough play and various terrains, this hobby car is constructed with high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. It can handle bumps, crashes, and flips without compromising its performance.

  • Versatile and All-Terrain: The 4WD system and high-performance tires allow the Viomicia Stunt RC Car to conquer different terrains with ease. Whether it's grass, gravel, sand, or pavement, this car can handle it all, providing versatile and exciting outdoor fun for users of all ages.

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Cerys Faulkner
On time Delivery

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Libby Towne

Delivery is fast! Great quality! thank you!

Kariane DuBuque

Very good products will be recommended to friends.

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