Viomicia 3D Pen with LCD Display 3d Pen For Kids with 12 PLA Filaments 36 Meters (118 Feet), Adapter, Scissors, Holder, Finger Tips Protectors and Doodling Book. Best Gift For Kids

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1. 3d Pen: Adjustable Temperature 3d Doodler Pen for Kids and Adults. Works with PLA filament. It comes with a speed control function – depending upon the type and speed of work.

2. Complete Set: The Box also Includes 12 PLA Filaments of Different Colors Every 3 Meters Long, A Pair of Scissors to Divide the Filaments into Fragments, Pen Holder/Cap to Keep the Pen in its Place. Finger Tips Protectors for Safety. A Drawing Book for Doodling

3. Convenient To Use: Just Plug the Pen with the Adapter and wait 90 Seconds to Reach Optimal Temperature. Finger Tips Protectors are Optional to Wear. Use Drawing Book for Sketching.

4. Risk-Free: The 3d Printing Pen Works with Adjustable Temperature and It Only Takes a few Seconds to Reach the Optimal Temperature. The Motor is Fully Insulated to Avoid Over-Heating of the Pen.

5. Our Assurance: Viomicia has been doing a good job in providing customers with high-quality products. Our 3d pens for adults and kids have been loved by our local customers who have encouraged us to sell them online.

Kids Love to use 3d Doodler pen because they are convenient to use

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1026 reviews
Erin Parry
Best Customer service

Best Customer service, happy to receive the parcel on time.

Emma Short
Good product

Experience endless creativity with the 3D Pen! It's a fantastic tool that empowers kids to bring their imaginations to life with beautiful, tangible creations.

Katherine Law
Endless creative possibilities

Though it takes practice to master, the 3D Pen offers endless creative possibilities once you get the hang of it!

Gracie Kent
Best Birthday Gift For Kids

Transform ideas into beautiful objects with ease using the innovative 3D Pen!. The 3D Pen is best Birthday Gift For Kids.

Anthony Mistry
Looks like on the photos

Arrived on time. I bought it like a gift so I don't know how quality is.

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