Bazooka Bubble Gun: 69-Hole Automatic Bubble Maker with LED Lights

Material: Regular
Sale price£16.99


  • 69 bubble holes: This bubble gun has a whopping 69 holes that release a steady stream of bubbles for maximum fun and excitement.

  • LED lights: The LED lights add an extra level of excitement to the bubble-blasting experience. The lights are sure to capture everyone's attention and make the bubbles even more mesmerizing.

  • USB charging cable: The bubble gun comes with a USB charging cable, making it easy to recharge the high capacity Lithium battery. Simply plug it in to a USB port and the gun will be ready to use in no time.

  • Two water bottles: The bubble gun comes with two water bottles that can be easily filled with bubble solution. This ensures that you can keep the bubbles flowing without having to refill the bottles constantly.

  • Bubble water tray: The bubble gun also comes with a bubble water tray that can be used to refill the water bottles. This makes it easy to refill the bottles without spilling any bubble solution.

  • High capacity Lithium battery: The bubble gun is powered by a high capacity Lithium battery that ensures hours of uninterrupted bubble-blasting fun. The battery can be easily recharged using the included USB cable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Isabelle McLean
Great product

Fabulous machine my granddaughter loved it and loads of bubbles

Georgia Hope
Gambling fun

Our son 2 years old is having a lot of fun with it. With this, fatigue is quickly forgotten.
Produces beautiful and lots of bubbles.
The gun are very easy to handle.

Isabel Abbott
So much fun

It’s great fun definitely worth the purchase. Easy to use and kids absolutely love it.

Evie Booth
Lots of fun and giggles

♥ Brilliant product
♥ Lots of fun and giggles
♥ High quality
♥ Excellent value for money.
♥ Great gift idea

Alisha Singh
So many bubbles!!!!

Well my 9 yr old granddaughter wished for it for her birthday she was so pleased with it & as had great fun with it .

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