High Speed 40 km/h 4WD 2.4 GHz Remote Control Truck 1:18 Scale Radio Controlled Off-Road RC Car Electronic Monster Truck R/C Ready-to-Run (RTR) Hobby Cross-Country Car Buggy

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  • Impressive Speed and Power: Experience the thrill of high-speed racing with this 1:18 scale RC car equipped with a 380 high-speed motor, capable of reaching speeds up to 25 mph. Its 4-wheel drive and high traction tires ensure exceptional performance on any surface or grade.

  • Extended Playtime and Versatility: Enjoy extended play sessions with two high-quality rechargeable batteries, providing over 40 minutes of driving time. This all-terrain RC truck is designed to conquer various landscapes, including grass, gravel roads, beaches, and hills. It can handle jumps, wheelies, flips, and more, offering endless entertainment possibilities.

  • Built to Last and Perform: Crafted with a sturdy build, this hobby-grade RC car features long travel suspensions, a PA chassis, a high-strength PVC car shell, and durable tires, providing excellent protection against high-speed collisions. Its robust construction allows it to effortlessly tackle rough terrains and withstand intense racing sessions.

  • User-Friendly Controls: The off-road RC monster car is equipped with a 2.4GHz remote control system that offers precise and responsive control. The remote control allows you to adjust speed levels, turning sensitivity, and steering, catering to both beginners and experienced drivers. Enjoy a customizable driving experience tailored to your preferences.

  • Complete Package and Perfect Gift: This comprehensive package includes a 4WD RC car, a 2.4GHz remote control, one rechargeable battery, a USB charging cable, a screwdriver and a user manual. It's an ideal Christmas gift that guarantees hours of fun and excitement for both kids and adult.

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Customer Reviews

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Dylan May
Great toy

Great toy. Works well. Lots of entertainment on holiday with this

Sarah Sheppard

This car is very nice and so is the most and the back and it easy to climb stuff as well


It's pretty quick and battery lasts a goodwill

Ronald Jarfy

This high speed RC truck is excellet. I enjoyed a lot playing with it.

Abbie Marsden
The best!

High quality Remote Control Truck